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embossed earrings

Embossing refers to patterns and designs imprinted onto metal by using extreme pressure, usually with the aid of a rolling mill.

Materials such as cloth, plastic, paper or even leaves and feathers can leave impressions on metal. Hard metals like steel and nickel silver may also be used but care must be taken not to damage the rollers on the mill.

First the metal, usually gold or silver, is prepared by annealing to 'soften' it so the texture will be accepted. The metal to be textured is usually sandwiched between two pieces of brass (to protect the rollers) along with the material being used to produce the texture.

When put through the rolling mill at the correct pressure, the texture will be picked up by the softened metal. After going through the mill the metal will become quite hard again and will have to be re-annealed if more texture is desired.