Robin Phillips Jewelry

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Versatility of Handmade Cloisonné Pendants and Cloisonné Brooches

Versatility in handmade gold and silver jewelry is very important to me, not only as a designer and maker, but also as a jewelry wearer.

Most of my handmade Cloisonné brooches are designed so they can also be worn as Cloisonné pendants. I have also done this with most of my handmade gold and silver brooches.

Many women want to have the flexibility to wear their favourite piece of enamel jewelry in more than one way, such as having your Cloisonné brooch on a jacket or coat during the winter months and then being able to easily change it into a Cloisonné pendant for the summer.

I have made a finding that slips over the pin of the Cloisonné brooch and instantly transforms it into a Cloisonné pendant. This finding also protects the pin from stress when being worn as a Cloisonné pendant.